Tim “Paizley” Powell Is Pushing Boundaries With His Upcoming ‘No Fate’ Gallery Series

Julie Kooser | June 28th, 2016

Photo by Julie Kooser.  Tim “Paizley” Powell will be opening his “No Fate” exhibit at BOOM Concepts

Tim “Paizley” Powell grew up in what he describes as a “small small small” town, lacking people that truly connected with him.

“I lived in a place where there weren’t a lot of people that identified with me just because of my skin color. Being a black person in that area, there wasn’t a lot to do, not a lot people to hang out with. So, you had to find a way to put your energy into other things.”

His family kept him active in the things he loved: shooting hoops and sketching entire weekends away.

Powell’s family life and home environment were very positive. His parents saw true potential in the work he was producing and urged him to make a career from his sketches. However, Powell never took drawing too seriously, even though his spent much of his adolescence perfecting his craft. To him, it was only a hobby.

“There is no romance period that lasts forever, as far as working is concerned. I was scared to hate it.”

He fell out of art when he started working full time. Powell found himself employed for several years as a teacher’s aide, but was let go at the end of last summer. Though this chapter of his life ended, the gateway to his career opened and Powell rediscovered his inner artist.

After making the career change, he began putting out work for fun and using it to decide if being a career artist is something at which he could truly prosper. Audiences loved the work he was producing, fueling his drive to push the boundaries even further and to really delve into being a full time artist.

Though he is not far from the goal and has seen great success thus far, Powell is still on the path to becoming a career artist.

Tim “Paizley” Powell will be opening his solo exhibition, expressing ideas of hatred, humanity, and pop culture through paintings, illustrations, and collage. “No Fate” is series of work created as a reaction to how the media presents the issue of the common disregard of humanity amongst people. The title “No Fate” is a quote reimagined from the 1984 film, The Terminator: “There’s no fate but what we make for ourselves.” The work proclaims many messages through the different types of media used in the series, including racism, interpersonal relationships, self-subjugation, and self-identity.

“I tried to capture the feelings and the complexion of the culture that we live in. To narrow it down, primarily the black culture the heavy internet, technology culture, and where it’s leading people,” said Powell. “There is a lot of dead space in my pictures because I feel like it helps people to focus on the actual message of the piece, like graffiti.”

Published in Jenesis Magazine. http://www.jenesismagazine.com/tim-paizley-powell-pushing-boundaries-upcoming-no-fate-gallery-series/

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