CAB Gets Spooky for Annual Halloween Dance

Julie Kooser | October 18, 2016

Due to the closing of the Altar Bar, the previous host of CAB’s annual Halloween dance, this year’s event will be at the Mattress Factory on Oct 25. “It’s all about ME, Not You” exhibit by Greer Lankton is one of several that student can view during the dance.

The Campus Activities Board’s annual Halloween dance, featuring music, games and a costume contest, will be held on Oct. 25 from 8-11 p.m. at the Mattress Factory.

The dance will be held in the main building of the art museum, located on the North Shore.

Paulina Comeau, junior public relations and advertising major and member of CAB’s Spirits and Traditions committee, is confident that the Mattress Factory will be a good replacement for the Altar Bar, the previous venue of the annual dance that has recently closed.

“The location has changed with the closing of the beloved Altar Bar, but with the games and the exhibits, it’s a little more open to other students who might not be totally into the dance side of it, but want to still dress up and take part in the games and the art and the Halloween fun,” Comeau said.

According to Joci Hyrb, senior sports, arts and entertainment major and director of the committee, the main lobby of the Mattress Factory has a dance floor, where the major portion of the event will be held. Students can expect a DJ, “Halloweentown” themed décor and a fog machine in this area, with a photo booth stationed by the elevators. There will also be a food table featuring DiBella’s catering and a “candy apple wedge dipping station.”

“Outside, accessed through the dance floor, there will be a game section with Halloween-style carnival games, where students will be able to essentially ‘trick or treat’ for candy by playing the games,” Hyrb said.

“We really wanted to hold on to the whimsy and the fun of ‘Halloweentown’ so we thought the games was a good way to do that,” Comeau said.

Because of the location change, a new element has been added to the event: students will be able to walk through the art exhibits during the dance. According to Hyrb, all of the exhibits, ranging from sculptures, projections and the “Infinity Dots Mirrored Room,” will be open to students during the event.

Students are encouraged to come to the event dressed in costume to compete for awards. The All Things Horror Club is hosting the contest handing out awards, including tiny trophies for section winners and a Visa gift card for the “overall best costume” winner.

“I’m really excited to see how everyone will react to our new location and our addition of the games,” Comeau said.

“I’m most excited about the venue,” Hyrb said. “With multiple rooms offering different forms of entertainment, along with access to the art itself, students will have the opportunity to fully utilize the space and be immersed in an all-around Halloween experience.”

Nick Kardos, junior animation major, says this will be his first time attending one of CAB’s Halloween dances, but has been to the other events, including the Yule Ball.

“I think what I like best is that these events always let me kind of get out of my comfort zone and get to meet new people on campus,” Kardos said. “I don’t get very many chances to hang out with people outside of my major, so getting to meet new people is always pretty fun.

Shuttles will be operating to and from the dance throughout the event, according to Hyrb. The first shuttle will leave at 7:45 p.m. from the shuttle lot. The last shuttle will leave the Mattress Factory at the end of the dance.

Article and photograph published in The Globe.

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